Maintain your AC

As we get closer and closer to summer and we all start turning on our central AC or installing our window units you may be wondering…”Is there something I should be doing  to make sure my AC will last and not break down on a 95 degree day?”  Although we can not guarantee that it won’t break down, we can throw some tips your way to help you stay cool and keep your AC going!

If your unit is a through the wall or in the window one of the first things you will want to check will be the filter.  A dirty filter can make the air flow restricted, keeping you warmer than what you’d like.  With some units you can simply rinse off your filter while others you’ll need to get a new one.  Use your vacuum attachment to keep the coils clean and if you have any bent fins, try and bend them back.  For that they actually make a specially designed brush instead of using a screw driver which can cause more damage than you had in the first place.  There are also kits you can buy to seal the area around a window unit to make sure no air leaks out.

When it comes to a central air unit there are some things that you can check.  Once again, check any filters to make sure the air flow is at it’s highest efficiency and that the air is clean.  Be sure to keep the coils clean and during the summer months when you are using the AC, keep plants around 2-3 feet away from the unit to ensure proper air flow.  If you can, check your duct work.  Around 30% of your heat and air can be lost in poorly insulated duct work.  Using a professional to complete a summer maintenance check is also a great idea.  They can open the unit to clean and check everything for you.  We have some great companies as part of our Home Services department.

Has anyone tried these tips or have any others?  Feel free to share!

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