Where has summer gone?

Can you believe that in one month from today it will be the first official day of fall?  Sure it may feel like fall is already here to some (have to fear, the temperature is headed higher this weekend!) but on September 22nd it will be time to start getting everything ready for our typical snowy winter.  So here are a few things you may want to prepare to have taken care of inside your home as fall begins.

– Wash your curtains.  Let’s be honest, how often do you do this anyway?  Not only that but if you have noticed all of the dust did you have time to take them down right then and wash them?  Now is the time to be sure you include them in your next laundry load!

– If you want to bring fall inside, consider switching curtains, pillows, table clothes, ect with fall colors.

– Fall is also a great time to have your furnace cleaned and inspected.  As winter approaches you will surely be using your heat.  You will want to make sure that any dust and allergens are removed from the system and that it will be running at full efficiency.  If you use a wood burning fireplace, fall is also the time to start gathering your wood for the winter season.  This also means having your chimney cleaned.

If you have any tips for preparing your home during the fall season, leave them here, on our facebook, or tweet them to us!

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