Leaves, leaves everywhere!

Because of the dry and hot weather we have had this year, you may have noticed that the leaves are changing and falling already. Of course you will want to pick them up in preparation of the winter weather but what do you do with them once they are picked up? Well we have a couple of ideas for you!

1 – Have your trash company pick them up (after they have been raked and put into bags of course). Check with the company that picks up your trash to see if they pick up leaves and trimmings separately. Some company will and either compost them or do something else that is eco-friendly. This will probably be the easiest option for most.

2 – You could compost them yourself. Make sure you are composting them correctly. Compost dirt is full of nutrients and other great plant food that you can turn around and use in your gardens, flower beds, ect to give them an extra boost when spring comes.

3 – Mulch them. Another way they can help your gardens and flowers is by using them as mulch. Just spread them, much like you would with mulch, over the bare soil. This will help slow the growth of weeds, leading for less work for you in the spring and summer months. shredding them with a mower first can help make them easier to spread too!

4 – This one is by far the most fun. Make a pile and have fun. Kids will love it and there is no reason adults can’t enjoy it too. When was the last time you jumped in HUGE pile of leaves? Of course it really doesn’t accomplish much as far as cleaning them up considering you will have to do one of the above three after…but it is pretty fun!Couple Jumping in leaves

Of course, if you don’t want to do the work yourself, check out some of these Home Service vendors that can help you out! What do you do with your leave? Do you do something that we don’t have listed here? Let us know either below or on Facebook or Twitter!

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