Nothnagle REALTORS Stops Syndication

In case you didn’t hear, as of last week Nothnagle REALTORS will no longer be syndicating their listings to Zillow or Trulia.  See the note from our President and CEO Armand D’Alfonso below (click to open it in another window to see the whole thing).  Share your thoughts in the comments or via Facebook and Twitter!

CEO Armand D'Alfonso cancels syndication

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  1. A sales person is immediately at a disadvantage when the consumer sees a property for sale on a national website they deem to be reliable that is not in fact for sale at all. It’s not hard to see why a consumer would be suspect of a sales person when they advise the consumer “the property you are interested in sold 6 months ago – but this one over here {or my listing} is available!”


  2. If a real estate firm is charging a client a 6% commission to sell their house then they owe it to their client to list their home on as many sources as possible unless client chooses to opt-out.


    • Thank you for your comment. If the seller requests to have their information syndicated we will definitely do that for them. More and more area and national brokers are halting their proactive syndication practices. This prevents misinformation and other practices that are found on many syndication sites and not allowed within broker to broker data exchanges.


  3. Posted by Carol Ann Williams on March 18, 2013 at 12:41 am

    I have a new listing of 6 months in Clifton Springs. Two years ago it was a unfinished custom home at a lower price. Now the house is totally finished and beautiful with a higher price. But if found on Zillow from 2 years ago a buyer would question why a $10000 diff. in pricing now? No explanation in the previous listing of a unfinished home. Talk about confusing a potential buyer.


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