Don’t Let Décor Be a Deal Breaker

Buying a home is exciting. Maybe you’ve got your eye on a colonial in the suburbs or that modern loft downtown. Whatever the case, you have undoubtedly created your new home wish list. Perhaps it’s mosaic tiles or stainless steel appliances. Hey, we all have our tastes. A common danger in the home buying process is getting too caught up in your wish list and missing out on the fundamentals that make a home great. Hate that fixture? Is the color blinding you? What, no granite? These are all easy fixes. A savvy buyer can separate the house from its décor.

Instead of obsessing over paint colors, fixtures, or countertops, you should be asking your agent about the neighborhood, the home’s electrical system, checking for leaks or cracks that may signal a roof or foundation problem and deciding if the floor plan and room sizes will meet your lifestyle needs. Find out if window treatments are included with the sale and if appliances are in good working order. Though you may not love the décor, you will save money if you can move in without any heavy spending.

When you are ready to make changes to your home’s decor, our Home Services department can provide you with trusted service professionals all backed by Nothnagle. 

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