Design on a Dime or a Buck Fifty

Cheap-Diy-Home-Decor-Ideas_WallvaseCongratulations, you’ve finally purchased the home of your dreams. You’ve been daydreaming about this moment for years. Would it ever come, you thought, pining over the real estate section as your sheets took forever to dry at the Laundromat. Well, here it is. Welcome to life in the land of the responsible. You took all of the right steps to arrive – sourcing out an experienced and knowledgeable agent, maneuvering through mortgage rates and approvals, and closing on a house that suits you. No, not just suits you. A house that is a clear and bold extension of you, proudly showcasing your hard work and dedication. You have the house, the mortgage, the toothy grin on your face. What you don’t have is anything to put in it.

Purchasing a home can leave your wallet and walls a little empty. Just because your finances may be suffering doesn’t mean your décor has to. We live in a DIY paradise. It’s amazing how a few secondhand clay pots and superglue can transform your life. Pinterest is a great place to look for low-cost design inspiration. Just be warned, though the science is still under strict investigation, we’re almost certain the site is a black hole – a vortex void of light and time. Did I really just spend 4 hours pinning noodle statues and bunny costumes? No one needs to know about such indiscretions. What they do need to know is how great your new home looks as a result of a little inspiration, a few bucks and a bank of creativity. And clay pots. Really, they’re quite versatile.

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