Secret Agents

Selecting your agent is a crucial component to the home buying and selling process. Apart from the science of experience, expertise, and negotiating strategies, finding the right agent is all about chemistry. You will be spending a fair amount of time communicating with your agent, so it’s important that your styles blend well. Before selecting your agent, take some time to get to know yourself better. How do you prefer to operate? Do you need someone to report back with every minuet detail, or are you more of a big picture person? Do you like to be at the center of the action or called in for the big moments? Are you a phone guy, or an email on the go girl? Having a clearer idea of your own style will benefit you in selecting the right agent. It’s important to clearly communicate your expectations from the beginning. This will allow your agent to better serve you and your needs as a buyer or seller. With over 700 qualified Nothnagle agents in the field, the right fit is just waiting for you. We are proud of our unique agents – each bringing their own perspective to the industry. Nothnagle agents are our best tool and your secret weapon in closing a successful real estate venture. Visit our Nothnagle Agents page to get started today!

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