Toying with the Success of your Home’s Sale: What to do with a child’s clutter


You’ve made a major life decision. The time has come for you to list your house for sale. You love your home and the memories it holds, and want future buyers to feel the same warmth upon entering. Working with your agent, you’ve strived to showcase the charm and unique features of your home. You’ve tidied things up, removing any unnecessary clutter. You’ve told yourself that you can in fact live without that stack of last year’s Sports Illustrated magazines on the counter, or the old coats that have piled in the mud room. You don’t have to strip your home but clean, open spaces tend to speak to buyers when junk shouts at them to run. But, what do you do when you have young children living in your home when it’s on the market?

Anyone who’s ever raised a child knows that things can get messy. You can always tell where a child’s been by the trail of toys left in their wake. A good tip is to keep everything in the child’s bedroom and get creative with storage. Your child can still play in other rooms throughout the house, but you must get in the habit of collecting their toys and returning them to the bedroom. Though it’s more work, and may be hard to maintain, focus on the fact that your house will shine brighter to potential buyers when just one room contains kid clutter. Stick to this routine and toys will be flying around your new house in no time.

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