Thrifty Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Facelift… Without Breaking the Bank

iStock_000004339015XSmallKitchen remodels don’t need to involve costly redesigns.  Yes, it would be ideal to gut an old-fashioned kitchen and replace it with a state-of-the-art modern marvel, but sometimes the funds just aren’t there to support that dream.  There are, however, plenty of small alterations that can rejuvenate a dated space and yield potentially higher returns when you go to list your home.


Paint & Color— A whole space can be transformed with fresh paint.

Is your kitchen currently white?  Yes, a clean look is appealing but maybe a muted mint or golden yellow would be more inviting.  For an energetic feel try warm colors like oranges and yellows; if you want something more soothing consider muted greens and blues.  However, if you’re remodeling with hopes to sell, remember to choose hues that will please a wide range of people.  Burgundy might be bold and dramatic but it also might intimidate some potential buyers.

Cabinetry— Replacing kitchen cabinetry gets expensive, but current cabinetry can be improved in ways that are both cost efficient and visually effective.  Think in terms of adding and subtracting—don’t worry, there’s no real math involved.

Just as suggested in the previous section, add paint.  Makeover your cabinetry with the stroke of a brush and revive those doors.  Tired of white?  Try a sleek gray.  Worn-looking wood?  Stain it a dark cherry.  Or, instead of painting all the cabinets, how about adding contrast by painting an “accent” cabinet.  If your cabinets are light try painting one a dramatic dark hue or vice versa.  Want something more understated?  If you have glass-front cabinets add pattern by placing wallpaper in the back of them.

Sometimes just replacing the cabinetry hardware can make a subtle yet substantial impact.  Go to your local hardware store or search online for deals on brackets, handles, and knobs.  Try trendy tubular handles for a modern touch.  For a significant change, replace the cabinet doorsFor a modern look, purchase opaque or glass-paneled doors.  The least expensive fix?  Just remove some of the upper level cabinet doors and paint the interior space of the removed section a rich accent color.  Line the shelves with decorative baskets, jars, and boxes for artsy yet elegant storage.

Light fixtures— Sometimes just buying new ceiling lights can work wonders.  You’ll want to be sure to match the fixtures to your home’s hardware in terms of color, finish, shape and style.

Blend types of lighting for the best impact.  Position task lighting, such as under-cabinet fixtures and track lighting, over work areas.  For ambient lighting and general illumination consider flush-mounted ceiling lights and pendant lights over an island.  Wall sconces, up-lighters, and track lighting make great accent lights.

Love these ideas but need help with the work?  No problem!  Nothnagle’s Home Services program has several local contractors who specialize in kitchen remodeling.  Click here to browse online or call 866-295-MOVE.

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