Remembering our colleague Mike Drouin

DrouinMemorialBenchThe death of a colleague leaves both a personal and professional void in a workplace. We spend many hours of our lives with our co-workers.  We form relationships with them, even if those relationships consist of merely saying hello as you pass by someone’s desk each morning.  A co-worker’s death can mean the loss of a friend, but also the loss of someone we depend on to help us do our jobs.

One generally isn’t given sufficient time to mourn the death of a co-worker.  When a relative dies, we are given a few days off to mourn.  When a close friend dies, you can usually take a personal day to grieve.  However, when a colleague dies, an entire office cannot simply stop working.

Nothnagle agent Mike Drouin, who passed away last year, worked out of the Pittsford location and is survived by his wife Susan and his two sons, Matthew and Christopher (pictured above).  Mike’s motto was “always look like you are going somewhere important and dress as if you have a very important meeting to attend,” Matthew recalled fondly.  Mike was larger than life.  He was the spark that lit up a room.  When he was working he worked very hard for his clients and when he was having fun he made sure that everyone was enjoying the party.

Mike was a pillar in the Real Estate community and was well respected by all.  He was instrumental in helping to mentor many agents as they launched their careers and he was always there to lend a helping hand.  “I would like to think that Mike is now pre-inspecting a much larger, and more important and higher, Real Estate opportunity for us all,” said Bob Maves, Senior Sales Manager of the Pittsford branch.

In memory of this esteemed agent, and their co-worker, the Pittsford agents unveiled a memorial bench on Wednesday, October 16, which is located in front of the Pittsford Nothnagle office at 33 South Main Street.



Get it Noticed, Get it Sold!

-Mike Drouin

2 responses to this post.

  1. Mike was a special guy. When I came from California in 2002, I worked in the Pittsford office. Mike was always there with his big smile helping me along the way when problems arose. I helped him with his open houses and he was so gracious. I will always miss him and his work ethics.


  2. Posted by Ivan Ramos on November 26, 2013 at 12:02 am

    rest in peace, dear colleague…


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