Invest in Your Home: Five Ways to Improve Your Home’s Value

house bank2Buying a home is a major investment—both financially and in regards to time.  Once you purchase a home it becomes your responsibility to maintain the property.  It is always in your best interest to undertake even small projects to make improvements to your property, which can significantly increase the value of your home and benefit you in the future should you choose to sell it.  Updates are limitless, but for most of us funds are not.  There are a few easy and affordable ways to update your property in order to increase the value.


Buyers are very discerning with kitchens.  Because kitchen renovations can get costly, most people want something moderately updated.  There are plenty of subtle ways to increase a kitchen’s appeal without busting your budget.  For great suggestions, check out our previous blog post, “Thrifty Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Facelift…Without Breaking the Bank.”


Bathrooms can be very difficult to remodel completely, especially because plumbing can be tricky for the average person.  If you can’t afford to modernize the entire space, make some minor updates to improve the space.  Adding new light fixtures, stripping old wallpaper, adding a fresh coat of paint, and replacing the shower curtain can instantly improve the bathroom’s general appearance.


The landscaping is your home’s first impression.  Don’t let buyers overlook your home because of poor curb appeal.  Make sure the lawn is routinely mowed.  Planting flowers and a variety of ferns or greenery is always a great idea.  Not everyone has a green thumb; so if landscaping is not your forte or you don’t have the time to devote to the project, let Nothnagle Home Services provide you with recommendations of local landscaping pros.


Good lighting is a brilliant investment for any homeowner because rooms look more inviting when they are bright.  It’s a good idea to invest in energy efficient light bulbs, such as LED bulbs.  Not only will it lighten the room but it might lighten your energy bill as well!  Another great idea, if you have the finances for it, is to install a sun tube or skylights to increase the amount of natural light flowing into the room.  Any way you can increase natural light will also decrease your energy costs.

Go Green.

Making your home environmentally friendly is definitely a prudent strategy for home owners.  It is a huge marketing point and can potentially beat the competition.  Each time you need to replace appliances opt for energy efficiency.  Consider installing a programmable thermostat, like the Nest Thermostat, and water-saving faucets; Moen offers a variety of water efficient products.

As always, Nothnagle REALTORS® is more than happy to assist you with any of your home-related needs.  Give us a call if you need recommendations for local contractors to assist you with any of the projects mentioned above, 1-866-295-MOVE.

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