Want to Sell Quickly? Show, Show, Show!

NothSoldCongratulations on listing your home!  But every seller should know that listing a home is only the first step (OK, maybe second—after choosing a realtor!).  The ultimate goal of a home on the market is to get it SOLD.

Nothnagle REALTORS® provides their agents and clients with numerous tools and marketing options; such as, guaranteed print advertising and promotion on the region’s most effective real estate website: Nothnagle.com.  While marketing a property is essential, one of the most important aspects is showing the home to potential buyers.

Buyers are fickle and if a property is unavailable to view they could very well choose another one off their wish list.  Don’t let a possible buyer slip through your fingers!  If you want to sell your home, especially if time is a factor, make your home a realtor’s showing dream and increase your chances of receiving offers on your listing.

Be able to Show at a Moment’s Notice

We all live busy lives.  Often our homes tend to reflect our busy life styles and can get…unruly.  When your home is on the market the best advice is to keep your home show ready.  This means declutter, clean, and organize on a daily basis.

The rule of thumb is typically 24-hours notice for showings, but in a competitive market a few hours could mean the life or death of a sale.  Potential buyers might only have that particular evening to see homes.  Some buyers are impulsive.

Always say “Yes” to a Showing

This sounds sensible enough, but it is important.  Our lives don’t pause just because our homes are listed for sale—there are still birthdays to celebrate and holidays to enjoy—consequently, it is easy to tell a realtor that the timing is not right.  However, if you’re trying to sell a home then timing is everything!  It won’t be the most convenient, but you have to think of your home as part of someone else’s schedule.  Try to be flexible.

Make it easy for a realtor to show your property in order to make it easy to get an offer on it.  Remember, the ultimate goal is to sell; therefore, find another location to for your celebrations…it’s only temporary.  Once you sell your home you can throw a house-warming party at your new place.

Put away your Valuables. 

No one wants to worry about someone plundering their home and pilfering their precious belonging.  Be smart.  Hide jewelry, electronics, medication, and collectables out of sight.  Better yet, buy a safe to lock up your valuables.  You can buy reasonably priced waterproof and fire resistant safes at your local hardware store.

Let your Realtor install a Lock Box

Lock boxes are a great way for buyers’ agents to show properties if you and your realtor are busy.  Some people have concerns over the safety of their homes on a lock box; however, if you have stored your valuables this is a perfectly secure way to allow other realtors to show your property.  The box records the realtor’s contact information as well as the time and date of the visit.  In this way, you know exactly who has had access to your home and at what times.

Ask your Realtor

Your realtor is a professional and knows the industry better than others.  If you are eager to sell, ask him/her what suggestions he/she has that would improve your chances over the competition.  Be open to some creative ideas!

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