Do You Know What Your Home is Worth in Today’s Market?

Spring is here and so are the buyers….your home may be worth more than you think in today’s local real estate market!  We’re anticipating a hot Spring market now that Winter is finally over in Western New York.  As the market has continued to come back these past couple of years, we continue to see well-priced homes getting multiple offers and selling fast. 

Nothnagle agents offer a unique tool – called our “Absorption Rate Calculator” – that will help you price your house for today’s market conditions.  A CMA (Comparable Market Analysis) is important to demonstrate what homes sold for recently, but our Absorption Rate Calculator provides you with real-time market stats to demonstrate what the current supply is for your style of home in your neighborhood.  The lower the supply of similar homes, the more money you’re likely to get because demand outweighs the current inventory available.  Conversly, a higher supply means that you have to be more competitive to make your home’s features, improvements and price stand out among the competition. 

A Nothnagle agent can help give you suggestions on ways to make simple improvements to your home that will give you a strong return on your investment and position you to get more money and spend less with your home active on the market.  If you’re thinking of selling this year, now is the time to start getting ready!  Need an agent?  We cover all of Western New York, the Finger Lakes region and Southern Tier.  Our agents are highly trained professionals who can help you navigate today’s market.  Find an agent in our online directory or call us at 866-295-MOVE and we will match your needs with one of our agents. 

Working with a Nothnagle agent also gives you access to a number of service providers through our Home Services department – and a personal coordinator that can assist you in finding the right contractor for your particular job.  Enjoy discounts and savings while having the peace of mind that you’re working with pre-screen, qualified and insured home service professionals. 

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