Small bedroom? No problem!

Bedroom modernMake the most of any living space, even if that space is limited.  If the size of your bedroom is less than ideal, a few little tricks and changes can help make it fresh while maximizing the available area.

Consider Color and Light

Light, neutral colors make a space feel bright and open; this trick is even handier if lighting is also a problem.  Neutrals don’t mean boring.  Pastels, creams, beiges, and greys add hues and depth without overpowering the walls.

The trick with lighting is to have enough to brighten the room without commandeering too much valuable room; therefore, overhead lighting is most desirable.  Also, installing wall sconces is a good alternative to tabletop or standing lamps.

Double Duty Furniture

When space is limited creativity is key and one piece of furniture will need to fulfill multiple roles.  First, figure out the measurements of the room and those of the bed, which will utilize the most floor space.  Opt for a minimalist design without headboards or bulky frames.

Next, consider storage of clothing and essentials.  Does the room have a built-in closet? Will you need to make room for dressers?  For older homes that lack sufficient closet space, dressers are essential—make them work for you; have them double as nightstands.

Bookshelves on the walls will add additional storage space, but be aware they can also increase the potential for clutter accumulation and thereby make the space feel smaller still.  Wall cubes or box shelves will provide visual interest and a fun way to store or display items without overpowering the walls like traditional bookshelves.


Keep it minimal.  Instead of bulky area rugs that will make the floor look scarce, opt for a runner or small scatter rugs.  For windows, avoid heavy draperies and choose lightweight sheers or roman shades.  Don’t clutter walls with frames and art—select a few prime pieces to add a pop of pizazz.  Consider hanging a mirror to give the illusion of more overall space.

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