Help Buyers Fall in Love with Your Home

OpenWinterHouseWinter has been here for months and, unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as though it’s going anywhere anytime soon.  If you have showings or open houses scheduled, don’t get discouraged.  Less competition from other home sellers is one of the perks to selling during the winter market.  Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and finding a buyer for your home can seem similar to wooing your love interest.  Here are some ways to woo your potential buyers in the spirit of Cupid’s holiday!

Fall in love with the house (not in front of it).  First impressions are The worst way to make a first impression is to appear unapproachable; therefore, make your home especially inviting.  Keep all walkways clear and ice-free to curb the chance potential buyers might slip and fall.  Sure, you want them to fall in love with your home, but you don’t want them to fall in front of it.  A fall might bruise their ego and your chance of selling.

Pamper them with cozy accessories.  Mountains of snow outside mean pools of water, dirty floors, and soggy carpets inside. Encourage your guests to remove their salty snow-covered boots by offering a cozy pair of slippers as a swap.  Purchase a few pairs of inexpensive slippers in various sizes and arrange them neatly next to the front door.  Create a whimsical welcome sign requesting they use the provided slippers.  Want a less expensive idea?  Go to your local hardware store for slip-on paper booties.  Amazon sells them too—50 pairs for about $10.

Indulge in sweet treats.  Chocolates and flowers are the standard Valentine’s Day gift—classic, delicious, and delightful!  Why not use the same trick to spoil your guests with some sweet treats and a bouquet or two?  Bake cookies prior to an open house to fill the home with a scrumptious aroma.  Your guests will love the smell and appreciate the warm snack.  Arrange a bouquet of simple blooms next to the treats.  No time for baking?  A box of chocolates will work or try scented plug-ins; they are available in a variety of pastry smells.

Set the mood.  When buyers come to a showing they imagine themselves living in that home.  Encourage a positive experience by making your home feel inviting.  Open all the curtains to maximize natural light and turn on lights in strategic places to make the rooms look bright.  Place a warm throw on the back of the sofa, play some soft music in the background (classical is a great, subtle option), and set out those sweet treats you baked and flowers.  Go one step farther and actually stage your home: set the dining room table like you are about to host a dinner party.


Need some help staging your home?  Our Home Services department partners with local contractors that specialize in professional staging.  Call 1-866-295-MOVE or click here.

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