10 Things to Do to Prep Your Home for the Market


  1. Minimize Things – Buyers are looking for places to store their own belongings. If your home looks cluttered and the closets are overflowing, it will give the buyer the impression the house is too small.
  2. Maximize Light – Remove heavy drapes to allow natural light to flow in freely. Change lampshades and replace bulbs with ones of higher wattage.
  3. Depersonalize – Buyers need to imagine themselves living there. Remove family photos, memorabilia, and keepsakes (this will also help achieve #1).
  4. Paint – A neutral hue can open up a space and is typically more appealing to the majority of buyers than dark or flamboyant colors.
  5. Update your Kitchen – Most buyers look at how functional the kitchen will be for them. No need to invest thousands of dollars, but modernizing a dated space will only benefit your goal of selling.
  6. Curb Appeal is Vital – Buyers will undoubtedly judge homes by the exterior; don’t let your home be overlooked based on first impressions only. Do some landscaping by planting inexpensive shrubs or trimming existing foliage, replace the front door, reseal the driveway, etc.
  7. Clean Everything – Don’t let decades of dust and grime make the space look dingy. Take a couple weekends to do an intensive cleaning (floors, windows, appliances, insides of cabinets and closets, steam the carpets, organize workbenches, etc).
  8. Relocate Fido & Felix – Strangers won’t love your pets as much as you do. Plus you don’t know what allergies potential buyers have.  If you can’t take your pets with you during every open house or showing, ask a friend or family to pet sit. Don’t forget to remove feeding dishes and litterboxes.
  9. Tame the Toys – You don’t have to evict the kids, but cut down the toys by half, when possible. This goes along with #1. Start packing toys early (donate ones they’ve outgrown) and organize bedrooms or play areas so they look kept not unruly.
  10. Do Minor Repairs – Don’t let potential buyers think there are problems with your home.  Make a list of all the little repairs you’ve been avoiding and get things in tip top shape.  That leaky faucet in the bathroom? Time to stop ignoring it!

These tips are a great starting point, but for definite ways to set your home apart from the competition, ask a professional. If you do not have a Realtor, contact us and we’d be happy to match you with someone who can offer recommendations on how to bring your home to the next level for a quicker sale.

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