Spring into Cleaning… Even if it Feels like Winter, still.

Cleaning suppliesThe brief break in winter weather this week seems like a cruel joke when snow is forecast for this weekend.  Will Rochester ever actually experience the Spring season?  But, even if it doesn’t feel like Spring, it’s the right time of year for SPRING CLEANING!  And who knows, maybe Spring really is just around the corner so don’t miss out on the nice weather and get your cleaning done now.

  • Clean Windows: Let the sunshine in! For a quicker and more effective method, use rubber-edged squeegees.  Dampen the squeegee and draw it down the window from top to bottom.  Once the snow finally stops, get the windows professionally washed for a more in-depth cleaning.  Some contractors will also offer gutter cleaning services.  For more information on reputable window cleaners, visit our Home Services Page.
  • Dust Lightbulbs: Wipe away winter’s grime – unscrew the lightbulbs and gently wipe them with a moistened microfiber cloth (avoid getting the metal base wet). To clean the bulbs in recessed fixtures, use a telescoping lamb’s wool duster.
  • Banish Stains: After all the indulgent winter holidays and long list of dinner guests, it might be time to clean tablecloths and other household fabrics from stains. Martha Stewart Living has an incredible chart listing common stains and how to remove them.
  • Dust & Reset Ceiling Fans: With the warm weather approaching, you’ll soon want to use your ceiling fans. If you haven’t been using them in the winter, take a damp rag and dust the blades.  If you have been using them, change the direction of the fans: the standard counterclockwise direction provides a breeze in warmer months while the clockwise direction creates an upward draft redistributing the warm air in cold weather.
  • Tidy the Fridge: Sometimes the fridge turns into a black hole where food items go and are never seen again. If your fridge is packed to the brim, break this task into steps.  First, take the time to do a thorough purge of all expired and questionable items.  Make a habit of throwing out old food once a week; then, every few months, wash the interior—shelves, drawers, etc.
  • Attend Overlooked Surfaces: Once a year, make a habit of giving all the surfaces in your home a thorough scrubbing. Wash your baseboards, door frames, and walls with a sponge and a squirt of dishwashing liquid mixed in a bucket of warm water. Don’t stop there… move your sofa and roll up area rugs, then vacuum the floors.

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