Post-Winter Check List- 5 Things to Do to Get Your Home Summer Ready

landscape2After a long, brutal winter in Western New York everyone is itching to get outside. But, before you open that pool and take out your lounge chair there are some home maintenance tasks that need to get done. Whether you are selling your property or in it for the long haul, the way your home looks from the street says a lot about what is inside. Why not get the simple tasks out of the way now so you can enjoy the hot sunny days to come!

  • #1 Get started on the lawn.

After a long winter, your landscape needs some attention. Trim the bushes, replace the tired looking mulch and stone, and add a crisp edge to your garden or flower beds. Taking the time to think about what shrubs, bushes, and trees work best in your yard will save you years of headaches.  Landscapers aren’t just good for keeping your grass and shrubs perfectly manicured; they have the knowledge to help you decide what will work best in your yard. Contact Nothnagle Home Services to set up an appointment with a landscaper.

  • #2 Add a splash of color-Without the paint.

Many people think that in order to give your house a facelift you have to do something drastic with your shutters, siding, or front door. In reality taking the time to plant some perennials or shrubs that will bloom from season to season will add that pop of color you’re looking for, without breaking the budget!

  • #3 Post-Winter Rehab.

By the time spring rolls around, your driveway, walkway, and yard are looking just as tired as those snow boots. Reseal cracked asphalt, put grass seed down where snow plows have so kindly dug it up, and focus on making the walkway to your home looking weed free and freshly swept.

  • #4 Your home needs a bath.

The cars aren’t the only things that need a serious bath after the blustery winter. Take a bucket of hot soapy water and a long-handled, soft-bristled brush to your siding and shutters, you will be surprised at how bright and fresh your home will look.

  • #5 Prepare your deck, patio, and porch for BBQ season.

Our decks, patios and porches take quite the beating over the winter. Checking for cracks, popped nails, and molding is important to avoid further damage. Some simple repairs are easy to do on your own, but rotted boards or animal infestations require the help of a professional. Being proactive will help you beat the rush and get any problems fixed ASAP! Contact Nothnagle Home Services for any repair work needed.

These tips are the perfect way to get your home ready for the beautiful weather to come. Getting the small tasks done now will allow you to enjoy your summer days worry free!  If you need professional assistance with any tasks in and around your home call Nothnagle Home Services for a recommendation and free quote: 1-866-295-MOVE

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