Let Nothnagle Keep You “In the Know”


As spring rolls around properties are popping up on the market daily. At any given time there are 25,000 listings or more posted in our Nothnagle Search Function.  Whether you are looking to purchase a property or just browsing, nothing is more frustrating than finding a property that you are itching to show a loved one or friend and when you go to find it later on it is nowhere to be found! With the constant change of listings going up on the market it is difficult to keep tabs on the homes you are interested in as you browse on your phone or computer. This is why Nothnagle has created MyNothnagle as a tool to make your home search as stress free as possible.

By registering for a FREE MyNothnagle account you will be provided with great tools to maximize the efficiency of your property search. You will be able to:

  • Save searches
  • Save properties
  • Have new listings emailed to you daily
  • Rate listings
  • Stay in contact with your Agent
  • Stay in contact with your Home Service Coordinator

By using MyNothnagle and the free tools we provide your search will be as quick, and painless as possible! If you do not have an agent and are looking for further guidance in the home buying process visit our Nothnagle Agents Page so we can match you up with an agent who fits your needs!

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