Memorial Day Decorating Tips That Won’t Break the Budget

Can you believe Memorial Day is less than a week away? Stores are full of red white and blue themed dishes, food, and decorations. It is so tempting to buy every decoration that catches your eye, but then you think of how long you actually use the decoration and you usually veer away in order to save money. Here are a few tips on decorating your home for Memorial Day that will keep you under budget yet still as festive as can be!

cache_2878044204Focus on colors-not patterns

Decorating with colors instead of holiday patterns such as stars and flags will get you the most use out of your decorations. Instead of the flag printed tablecloth that can only be used for one holiday Buy a solid red one, this can be used for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and just about any day of the year! By purchasing blue table ware and maybe throwing some star confetti on the table you can turn that multipurpose tablecloth into a Fourth of July celebration.

Discount stores are perfect for temporary decorations

It’s hard to justify spending a lot of money on something that will be shown for a week or less, that is why decorating for Holidays can be so tough. What many people do not realize is the discount stores even The Dollar Tree now carry awesome decorations for close to no cost! Don’t splurge so much on the decorations covered in stars and stripes, spend the most on solid colored decorations and touches you can use throughout the year. You would be amazed at what you can find discounted!

Get on Pinterest for some awesome DIY tips!Capture

The internet is full of awesome DIY ideas and tips for adding a creative touch to any Holiday! From paper crafts, to repurposing items if you can think of it, Pinterest has it. A fun craft with the kids can turn into awesome decorations for you cookout next week! Get busy while watching your late night televisions shows you would be surprised at the cute decorations you can create!

The key to getting the most out of your party is to just be creative! The foundation to a successful party is good food, friends and family. The rest are just the details so have fun with it. The string of summertime barbecue’s, cookouts, and parties are just beginning. Be fun, resourceful, and creative and you will be bound to have a successful party! Happy Spring everyone and enjoy the fun to come!!

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