Shed Organization 101:

550_100238597As summer is upon us it is time to open up your shed and dig through the pool covers, deck furniture, and Christmas decorations. As you dust off your lawnmower and attempt to attack the project of shed organization here are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind.

Don’t store paint in your shed. One would think that the most practical place to store paint is in your shed with your tools and paint brushes. But in the summer your shed will most likely reach very high temperatures. Paint that is stored in high temperatures will change in consistency leaving it unusable. Store your paint in your basement or a closet inside your home in order to get the most use out of your leftover cans of paint.

Don’t stuff your shed with storage bins. Avoid using storage bins with lids to store your tools, gardening supplies, and toys. Containers with lids are easy to stack and get out of the way. But when it comes down to figuring out which bin has what and getting to it, that can be very time consuming especially when you’re standing in a 90 degree shed. Try to store only winter decorations and supplies that you use minimally throughout the summer in storage bins. It will save you a lot of time and effort if you store the tools and toys that you use often in an easy to reach area.4a3a71fd1d5f273f1207a598fc3f2e88

Do experiment with peg boards. Peg boards on the walls of your shed can provide you a tremendous amount of storage space leaving you with more floor space. Peg boards use hooks, bins, and shelves to hang all kinds of items. You can store tools, hoses, gardening supplies, and even bikes on the walls. Peg Boards are easy to install, versatile and easily interchangeable to keep up with your organization needs.

Do invest in shelving. In addition to peg boards, adjustable shelving is a great idea. You want to get as much off of your floor in order to provide the most space for your lawnmower, children’s toys and other items you use often. Shelves are a great place to store winter supplies, decorations and other items you don’t need at the moment.

a68c4e7bd6ca70b238cc70eaec5347c3Don’t store your children’s toys near your tools and other dangerous objects. If your shed is accessible to your children you want to make sure you are much more cautious about where you store certain items. When you aren’t looking your child may jump into your shed searching for that soccer ball or box of chalk they are dying to use. Make sure to store their toys and objects in an area of the shed that is safe for them to enter in case they do so without your supervision.

Do spend the time to divide up your shed. In relation to the point above to keep your shed as safe, easily accessible and organized as possible; store your tools, gardening objects, and toys in their own area. By keeping your gardening tools, home repair objects, children toys, and cleaning supplies separated into their own corners, walls or shelves will make it much easier to access items when you are in a hurry. Color coat or label bins, hooks, or shelving in order to make sure your shed stays organized throughout the entire summer.

Do keep your shed locked and protected! You wouldn’t leave your front door unlocked would you? Treat your shed as you do your home. It is very easy to walk away from your shed without locking it up. By doing so you are not only leaving it open to burglars you are causing a potential safety hazard to wandering children. In order to cover all of your bases and keep your belongings as protected as possible make it a priority to lock up your shed whenever you are not around!

If you notice you are running out of space in your existing shed you may need to invest in a larger shed or possibly a second one! For any home improvement needs both inside and out of your home, contact Nothnagle Realtors Home Service.

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