8 Tips to Help You Spend Less Time Cleaning this Summer


Summer is here and let’s be honest, no one wants to be cooped up inside all day cleaning away. Follow these 8 simple tips and tricks to keeping your home cleaner, longer.

  1. Ventilate your bathroom for 20 minutes after you shower by opening a window. This will cut back on the mildew and mold growth in your shower.
  2. Cut down on your lawn care. Many people do not know if you keep your grass blades longer in the summer it minimizes the amount of care your lawn will need. The shorter the grass the more watering it will need, so keep a little length in your lawn during the summer to keep it green and alive!
  3. Cut back on vacuuming and sweeping. Put out floor mats at the threshold of all entrances and encourage all who enter to wipe their feet, or even better take off their shoes! When the floor mat gets dirty just throw it in the wash!
  4. Less time spent doing wash, more time spent in the pool. There are many items that can be worn or used more than once before throwing in the wash. Bath towels can easily be used a few times before washing as long as you hang dry after each use. Jeans are also very easy to wear twice before washing. The heavy-duty material can withstand a day or two or activity saving you detergent, water, and energy.
  5. Avoid over moping wood floors. Wood floors should not be wet cleaned too often. It is safe to vacuum most wood floors regularly and spot clean stains when you see them. No need to bring out the mop every few days, that is only more work for you and more wear and tear on your floors.
  6. Clean as you go, and get the whole family on board! The key to a clean house is to treat messes right as they appear. From washing the table right after you eat, to running the dishwasher before you go to bed by making sure each mess is cleaned right as it happens you don’t have to feel guilt going on that spontaneous day trip or swim in the pool.
  7. Make it a habit of dusting every few days. Keep a duster where it is easy to access and make it a habit to run it over your shelves, and furniture every 2-4 days. This will prevent large amounts of dust from building up. 10 minutes spent every few days on dusting is much more efficient than hours spent wiping layers of dust off your shelves, not to mention the amount of paper towel and sneezing that is involved in that.
  8. Throw a scrubbing mitt in your shower. There is no better time to give your shower walls a wipe down than when you are already in them. Keep a microfiber mitt under your sink and while you are in there give your walls and faucet a quick wipe down. This prevents soap scum build up and will keep your shower looking sparkling clean.

Forming good habits is the key to a clean and organized lifestyle. By making it a priority to stay on top of your cleaning habits you will notice how second nature it becomes to wash your dish right after your meal, or scrub your shower before you wash your hair. Good habits make for good results, peace of mind, and more time to spend doing what you love this summer.

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