New Agents XLR8 Their Career With Nothnagle!

Nothnagle Realtors has created a wonderful program to support new agents and start them off on the right foot as a Nothnagle Agent.The XLR8 Program offered to Nothnagle Agents truly invests in the future of Real Estate! While taking the series of training courses agents will learn more about the ins and outs of the business and what they are offered working at Nothnagle. Topics will focus on prospecting, working with buyers, working with sellers, treating business like a business, and dashboard training. This invaluable training is crucial for Agents who are just starting out in the business.

There is much more to real estate than just selling homes. From gaining clientele, to bettering your presence on social media, all the way to educating your clients of the services they are offered like Nothnagle Home Services, you do not want to miss anything! Congratulations to all agents who have completed the XLR8 program! We look forward to the results of the next series of training sessions!


“Nothnagle’s XLR8 training really helped me grasp a better understanding of the industry and what makes it tick. It provided a comfortable environment for new agents like myself to ask successful, experienced agents anything and everything about real estate. I was fortunate enough to have already sold my first house and simultaneously be in the process of negotiation on my second sale while taking this class. It’s better to hear real-life situations that have happened because it makes it easier to comprehend difficult scenarios that can occur in real estate and helps us resolve issues in the field faster. So, by using my real life situations I was able to apply the advice from the mentors and see immediate effects in my own business and develop confidence in the process.”


Are you interested in joining our team? Learn more by clicking here, Or call a branch manager today!

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