What Do Potential Buyers Really Notice in Your Home?

House with money

When looking to get the best appraisal for your home there are many factors to take into account. While an appraiser will pay attention to almost every nook and cranny, a potential buyer may take a different look. Here are some of the key factors to what a potential buyer will notice when entering your home.

Landscape is key, and sometimes less is more. Too much landscaping, trees and bushes may automatically go up as a red flag to potential home buyers ads they view that as a lot of time and energy spent to maintain. Just enough landscaping to make your house look appealing to the eye is all you need. There is no need to go overboard as you may end up spending more than you will get back. Porch planters, new mailboxes, or pathway stones are simple ways to add charm without too much cost or effort.

Your neighbors. Potential buyers cannot help but look around when trying to visualize your neighborhood as a future home. You can’t force your neighbors to repaint their house or change the color of their shutters but you can make sure they are keeping up to code with their lawn, garage door, siding and roofing.

How is your home aging? Most likely, anyone coming into your home is expecting to live there for a number of years. Homebuyers want to make sure their future house will give them many years of life. Are the ceilings cracking in some corners? Is there water damage from that one time the bathtub over flowed? These factors are all dead give aways to a perspective buyer on how well the house has been taken care of. Make sure to fix any water damage, cracked drywall, or chipping paint before opening up your home to potential buyers.

Remove the clutter. Excess furniture and too many decorations can take away from the features which buyers should be noticing. Clear off your mantle, and get rid of the huge ottoman in the middle of your living room and pull back those shades to show the natural light. It is proven that staged homes do sell faster, but make sure it is staged NOT cluttered. Let the features of your home stand out on their own. Renting a storage bin can be well worth your money.

Is it outdated? Buyers tend to become professional designers once they enter your home. They will look for updates and clues to see if your house has been keeping with the times or if you have simply let it go. Maybe your light fixtures need to be replaced, or your carpet needs a deep cleaning. The pieces that will be coming with the home are what you want to focus on the most. That 80’s tile in the bathroom or shag carpet in the den may have to go in order to keep up with other homes in your neighborhood.

Every home is different so the amount you may need to invest in your home to get the most return on investment will varies.  Before ripping down that wall in the living room, or adding in that 3rd bathroom on the second floor consulting a professional is crucial. The return on investments in upgrades differ based on the neighborhood, market, and home. You want to make sure what you put into your home will pay off in the end. Are you interested in finding out how much your home is worth? Click here to find out!

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