Fall Lawn Care Tips, Tricks, and Reminders


The summer has flown by and fall is quickly creeping up on us. Prepping your lawn for fall and winter will save you lots of time and effort in the spring. Here are a few tasks to tackle before that first snowfall in order to assure you a green and healthy lawn when the snow melts!

Keep Mowing

Continue to water and mow your lawn as needed, as you get closer to winter. By keeping your grass trimmed and short, come springtime there will be less of the grass blade available to turn brown. The last few cuts of the season lower your blade so that the sun is able to reach more of your grass letting it soak up the last few rays before being put into winter hibernation.

Weed Control

Applying an herbicide to your lawn now will assure weeds won’t return in the spring. Make sure to read the package label, most weed killer is recommended to be applied during the early to mid-autumn months when daytime temperatures are above 60 degrees.

Aerate Your Lawn

With the excessive amount of foot traffic your lawn experiences during the summer the soil in your lawn is most likely highly compacted. Aerating your soil will help loosen everything up so it has some time to breathe before the winter months. Aerating your lawn allows both water and air to penetrate the lawn to promote and boost your lawn health.

Rake Leaves

By the time the fall month come most people are tired of tending to their lawn and are ready for a break. It is important to rake as soon as possible as the leaves are falling. The problem with leaving leaves in your lawn is the wet leaves begin to mat down and smother your grass. If you do not have too many leaves, a mulching mower can help shred the leaves turning them into an organic mixture for the soil without having to rake.

Learn how to make compost

Drain Irrigation Lines

One last pointer before the snow begins to fall is to make sure to drain your lawn’s irrigation system completely before the freezing temperatures hit.

As fall is upon us keep these tips in mind. While you are raking those leaves just remember, soon enough you will be shoveling snow so enjoy it while you can! Happy fall!

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