Five Tips to Guide You Through the Relocation Process

relo5In a perfect world, all of the best jobs and careers would be right down the street. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Relocating to a new city, town or states is something that many people are doing in order to advance in their career, move closer to family, or to get a fresh start. If you do your research and work with the right people, the results can be life changing for your entire family.

A visit to the town or city prior to the purchase of a home is very important to get a true feeling for where you will be living. Here are some tips to keep in mind if visiting the place that you will soon call ‘home’.

  1. Be a tourist. Use this time to tour the city, make sure to look at all possible locations of where you can purchase a home. Find an area that you feel comfortable in. Visit the city as well as the towns on the outskirts to really get a feel for your surroundings.
  2. Locate the important landmarks. Locate schools, hospitals, malls and other landmarks in order to decide which area of the city you can see yourself living in. Don’t hesitate to walk around and get a real feel for the city and people. Don’t just drive through these towns, get out and explore. Meet the people, communicate with others and really put yourself out there.
  3. Plan ahead- Do your research. If you have children who will be attending school and day care do your research before you make a visit. Schedule a time to meet with potential schools and child care facilities in the area to give you an idea in person for where you would like to commit to sending your child. Waiting to enroll your child in a school until you are moved will cause added stress. Be proactive and already have an idea for the right fit for your child before making the move. This will bring peace of mind not only to you but your child as well.
  4. Visit a bank. Committing to a new bank and opening an account during your visit is a crucial and proactive move. Finding a good bank that is in the right location is very important. This will eliminate the headache of rushing to wire new funds to a new bank during the move.
  5. Connect with a Realtor that fits you. Finding a realtor that specializes in relocation is crucial in the success of your move. Not all agents know the ins and outs of relocation. From finding the right neighborhood to making sure your belongings arrive when you do, a relocation agent has all the knowledge and connections you need for a seamless transaction. Nothnagle understands the importance of a relocation move in comparison to moving the town over. Nothnagle’ s in-house relocation department can move you from anywhere to anywhere – across the state, across the country, even around the globe! Agents are affiliated with over 500 firms including 4,000 offices and 120,000 sales associates in over 40 countries worldwide. Their Move Managers have access to information on over 10,000 communities worldwide, and will carefully handpick an agent for you that will deliver the same quality service you’ve come to know and expect from your local Nothnagle agent.

Relocating can be a major life adjustment. The decision to start over in a new area can be both exciting and nerve-racking. As long as you take your time, cover all your bases, and use all resources available you are guaranteed a fresh new start in an area that you may just love!

Click here for more information on relocation, or call 1-800-295-RELO today and see what we can do for you!

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