Should You Sell Your Home This Winter?


When it comes to Real Estate, people may say the best time to sell your home is in the spring months. However, if you are serious about selling your home there are a number of reasons the winter months may be the perfect time for you to put your house on the market.

Buyers Are More Serious. Anyone who is shopping for a new home around the Holidays and winter months are most likely very serious. These buyers are more likely to pull the trigger and commit to a home decreasing the likelihood of a bidding war and other time consuming factors.

Less Inventory.  Studies have shown that homes listed around the Holidays can command more money and sell quicker than those in the spring. The main reason for this is there is less competition in the winter months giving you a leg up in the market.

Timing Is Perfect For Those Relocating. The end of the year is usually the time of year when people are notified if they will be relocating for their job in the coming year. These are the types of buyers that can not wait to move and will be working to purchase a home quickly with little hassle.

Cold Months Call for Warm and Cozy Homes. The holidays are a time that your home becomes cozy and inviting. If selling your home during these months it is so easy to stage your home to become extra inviting with candles, decorations and a warm fire.

At the end of the day no one wants to watch their home sit on the market. While many people fear this is what will happen if selling during the winter months this often is not the case. With less competition, more serious buyers, and the opportunity to get top dollar for your home now is the time to put your home on the market!

Contact a Nothnagle Agent today for all of your home buying and selling needs.

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