Preparing Yourself and Your Home for the Holidays

xmaschecklistWith the lack of snow it has been hard for many people to get into the Holiday spirit. However, the reality is that the Holidays are creeping up on us fast! The weekend is approaching and this may be your last chance to get things in order before the hustle and bustle begins. Here are a few tasks to tackle before you host a party.

Write out a plan of attack- Writing a list of what you have to get done is the key to making sure nothing is forgotten. From the grocery shopping to the vacuuming and last minute cleaning, a list is crucial to make sure it all gets done.

Declutter your home- Make sure there is plenty of seating and space for your guests. Go through your home and eliminate any clutter that will free up standing space. Bring the folding chairs up from the basement prior to any holiday parties to eliminate running around the day of.

Cook ahead of time- Start baking things that you can freeze. Unfrosted cookies, breads, and bars are great things to make ahead of time. Baking can be very time consuming so breaking it up over the course of a few days will make the load much lighter.

Make way for the food– Cleaning out your fridge prior to the party is a great way of assuring you will have enough space.  Over the next week you are guaranteed to fill up your fridge. Between the appetizers, the turkey and your drinks you will need as much space as possible in your fridge.

Floor mats and throw rugs- There will be a lot of traffic in your home during the holidays. Make sure you have enough rug space and mats to account for the wet boots. Having a space for people to wipe their feet assures that your floors will not become soaked and salty.

Light up your home- If you are hosting a party make sure that your home is easy to identify. In the dark, it can be very difficult to make out the house address. Check to make sure your house number is lit up and easy to see from the street.

Designate a spot for coats- With the amount of people entering your home it is easy to mix up jackets. Make sure to clear off your coat hooks to make room for your guest’s coats.

Although entertaining guests can be stressful, it is also wonderful to get everyone together. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and tackle as much this weekend as you can. Make sure to join your guests and kick back, relax and enjoy all of your hard work!

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