Whether you are living in Rochester, NY or are considering relocating to the area there are plenty of great things that our city has to offer. From a variety of restaurants to the beautiful summers on one of our many Finger Lakes there is something here for every person. Here are our top 10 reasons to live in Rochester, NY…

  1. Wegmans: Named the top grocery store in the United States. Ask anyone who has lived in Rochester and relocates what they miss the most, and the answer is almost always “Wegmans!”
  2. Health Care: Rochester offers top-level health care through Strong memorial Hospital and Rochester Regional Health System.
  3. Business: Long a high-tech business center, Rochester recently was selected by the Defense Department to be the center for the National Photonics Initiative.
  4. Education: In addition to highly-ranked schools, Rochester is also home to The University of Rochester, The Rochester Institute of Technology, St. John Fisher College, Nazareth College, Monroe community College, and the SUNY system
  5. Livability: A great combination of city culture and beautiful park landscapes. Commuting is often described as being “20 minutes to anywhere in Monroe County.” It is comfortable living in a relaxed atmosphere.
  6. Culture: Rochester offers many cultural opportunities through The Strong National Museum of Play, Rochester Museum and Science Center, The Eastman School of Music, The Memorial Art Gallery, The Eastman House, GEVA Theater, Rochester Broadway Theater League, and The Eastman Theater, home of The Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra.
  7. Proximity to Big Cities: Rochester is conveniently located within 2 hours of Niagara Falls, 4 hours of Toronto, and 45 minutes by plane to New York City.
  8. The Finger Lakes: A series of lakes south of Rochester is often the choice for second homes or summer rentals on the water. There are many successful wineries on these lakes, with their wine trails being a popular destination.
  9. Great Restaurants: Rochester offers many excellent dining opportunities, including a diversity of taste experiences, from Indian and Korean to Asian and Ethiopian.
  10. Wine and Beer Industry: In addition to the Finger Lakes wine trails, there are a number of wine bars and a booming craft beer industry.

Last but certainly not least…SNOW-Love it or hate it, we have plenty of skiing…

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