3 Reasons to SELL NOW!

Are you on the fence about selling your home? There are many factors that go into selling a home as it may be one of the biggest decisions you will make all year. If you are hesitating to make the move read below for the top 3 reasons why this may be the perfect time to do so!

#1. Demand is STRONG- The market currently has strong buyer activity. Due to the mild winter and early spring the market really never slowed down. If anything, it is as busy as ever with tons of buyers out there looking for a new home. I mean, can you blame them? The past few weekends have been perfect for visiting some open houses!

#2. LESS Competition- There’s a low inventory of listings, meaning not enough homes are for sale to satisfy the number of buyers in the market.Your home may be the perfect house for someone looking right now!

#3. Its a GREAT Time To Buy- Prices are projected to appreciate over the next 12 months and interest rates are projected to rise by the end of the year. Waiting may result in higher costs if you plan to buy another home. Making the move now will pay off in the long run.

When debating on selling your home and starting a new chapter in your life it is very easy to become overwhelmed. Contact a Realtor so that they can give you their honest opinion on what you should do. Your Realtor will have a great plan of attack to get home sold and sold fast! They will guide you to making the right decision through the entire process. Homes are selling quick so don’t hesitate to get in contact today!


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