Creating Real Estate Listing Photos That Stand Out



In the world we live in today, technology is right at our finger tips. The second we need something whether it be a place to grad lunch or your most recent bank statement, we pick up our phones and have answers within minutes. This is the same way that people are beginning their home search. Before a potential buyer picks up the phone to call their agent they most likely have already ‘house stalked’ online. This means they have pulled up the listing, searched through the specs and took a look over every photo. These first impressions can make or break the next step for the buyer and something as simple as that band angle in the master bedroom may lead them to think this home may just not be worth the walk through.

This is why it is crucial to make sure the first impression you are giving buyers is as perfect and accurate as possible. Here are five tips for making sure your listing photos are done right.

  1. Quality is everything. The quality of the photo reflects the quality of the home. If the images are not clear and well thought over this is leaving a bad first impression to anyone looking at the home.
  2. Take pictures of what really counts. You want to set your focus on the house and just that. After all you are selling the home, not what is in it. Make sure each room is free of clutter. This will open the space and draw attention to the features of the room, not the belongings of the buyer!
  3. Less is not always more….but too much may be overwhelming. Picking the right number of images to show off the home is crucial. If you are missing images in the listing it may imply that there is something wrong with that specific room. Also if you have an image of every single room in the home all the way to the closets and pantry then you may run the risk of losing the buyers interest. Make sure to photograph the important rooms with a great flow that makes sense to someone scrolling through the gallery. This will help the buyer feel as if they were walking right through the home, a virtual tour of some sorts if you will!
  4. Let there be daylight! Lighting is very important to keep in mind when setting up an appointment to take photos. The more lighting the better. Keep in mind the time of day when the sun may be shinning in through certain windows. Try your best not to photograph the home at nighttime. The lack of daylight may cause the home to appear dark and dreary.
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. A recent study showed that listing done with professional photography sold 50% faster and 39% closer to the listing price. Professional photographers have the proper lenses, cameras and eye to shoot each room at the right angle and in the right light to make sure the beauty of the home is reflected in each image. This is simply a talent that our iPhone can not give us. Hiring a professional to photograph a home for sale is becoming more and more popular. The pay off in doing so can be major saving you the time, energy and stress, not to mention a quicker sale!

As spring hits it is the perfect time to get some new fresh photographs taken. Keep it light, focused, and clutter free. In addition, do not hesitate to reach out to a professional for help!

Nothnagle Home Services vendor Todd Fleming Photography specializes in head shot portraiture and real estate photography in Rochester, Buffalo, and the surrounding areas. Visit the Nothnagle Home Services page to learn more.

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